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Come build with us

We specialize in providing insurance coverage for contractors of all sizes and field of construction. Our construction team is dedicated to finding the right insurance provider who will tailor coverage to fit your needs.

Insurance coverage is important, but we want to do more for you. As your trusted advisor, we want you to think of us as your business partner. Your success is our success. The resources James G. Parker makes available to you include:

  • HR Support
  • Legal Advice
  • Contract Review
  • Claims Support
  • Safety Plan Development & Employee Training
  • Employee Health Plans / Wellness Plans
  • Employee Benefit Packages

Bonding Department:

  • Surety Bonds
  • Performance Bond
  • Supply Bond
  • Bid Bond
  • Contract bond
  • Payment Bond
  • Maintenance Bond

For more information, please contact:
Dan Peck
Senior Vice President – Commercial Insurance
(559) 241-7848

Safety Services for Construction:

We have found great success in working closely with our client’s to develop a SAFE company culture. When supervisors are properly trained and held accountable, they provide strong examples that other employees will follow. Foregoing safety has never proved to be a cost saving measure. Claims cost your company real dollars by raising the premium you pay for Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Our team of full-time safety consultants stand ready to consult with your team and assess your needs. A written service plan outlines which safety services will be offered and how they may directly reduce your costs.

Safety consultants will conduct IIPP reviews, onsite safety reviews, supervisor training. An annual written service report outlines the services provided and measurable results achieved.