Loss Funding Analysis and Management

The diversity of funding methods must be taken into consideration. There are times when a different approach is needed or another option may produce better net results.  Our risk management team will provide  you with the most up to date options and evaluate the risks so whichever method you choose, you will make an informed decision.

Loss Mitigation Services

The first step in loss prevention is the identification of exposures. An effective mitigation plan begins by outlining each risk and determining the loss potential.  By prioritizing the transfer of risk, a plan can be implemented to address the greatest risk to financial loss first. Based on  funding available, a comprehensive insurance portfolio is built that will provide the broadest amount of coverage to meet loss prevention goals while keeping within budget constraints.

Specialty Services

  • Financial Planning
  • Workplace and Jobsite Safety
  • Employee Benefits
  • Human Resource Support
  • State & Federal Regulatory Compliance