Construction Bonding

Construction Bond Specialists "Capacity Through Relationship and Experience"

James G Parker Insurance's bonding specialists can provide you with:

  • Knowledgeable assistance throughout the bonding process
  • A perfect match with a bonding company that can meet your unique needs
  • Support managing all your bonding needs and assist in managing your surety capacity
  • A network of qualified accountants, bankers, and lawyers who understand the construction business
  • Sound business advice, management consulting, and technical expertise to help maintain your company's growth and profitability 

Construction - Contract Bonds:

  • Performance Bond
  • Payment Bond
  • Bid Bond
  • Subdivision bond
  • Supply Bond
  • Maintenance Bond

Construction - Commercial Bonds:

  • License Bond
  • Encroachment Bond
  • Misc. Permit Bond

Construction Contract Surety Bonds

Provide financial security and construction assurance on building and construction projects

Bid Bonds

Provide financial assurance that the bid has been submitted in good faith, and the contractor intends to enter into the contract at the price bid and provide the required performance and payment bonds

Performance Bonds

Protect the owner from financial loss should the contractor fail to perform the contract in accordance with its terms and conditions

Payment Bonds

Guarantee that the contractor will pay certain subcontractors, laborers, and material suppliers associated with the project

Subdivision Bonds

Guarantee to a city, county, or state that the principal will finance and construct certain improvements such as streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, sewer, and drainage systems

Maintenance Bonds

Typically guarantee against defective workmanship or materials for a specified period

Protect Your Business

Each client has unique and pressing needs. We offer broad coverage that can ensure your success, whether your an individual mitigating risk or a business looking to grow. Our representatives can inform you of the tools you need to succeed.

  • Standard coverages and custom solutions  
  • Ongoing support and consulting services
  • A streamlined claims process

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