Native American Casinos

Our Commitment

For years, James G Parker Insurance Associates has been committed to providing Native Americans with the most comprehensive, cost-effective insurance programs available. It is not surprising that the vast majority of the tribes in the West are covered by the many programs we represent. We provide insurance coverages for tribal governments, tribal enterprises such as tribal gaming casinos, and Indian health centers. We are not exclusive in any one program, so we are in a position to present alternative plans of insurance coverage.

Associate Members/Various Tribal Organizations

James G Parker Insurance Associates has been an associate member of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association for 25 consecutive years. We are proud to have attained "Platinum" status as an associate member. Many of our various programs carriers are also associate members of the "National Indian Gaming Association."

Although the various tribal organizations do not make vendor endorsements, James G Parker Insurance Associates and many of the various insurance carriers are supporters of a great number of tribal organizations and events.

Sample of Various Carrier Program Coverage Available

  • Blanket Property & Equipment, EDP & Inland Marine
  • Auto Physical Damage
  • General Liability - Programs recognize the sovereignty of tribal organizations & tribal court jurisdiction
  • Tribal Officials & Law Enforcement
  • EMT Liability
  • Cyber Risk and Privacy Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation, outside of state system or inside of state system
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage - Crime Coverage
  • Umbrella Excess Liability
  • Various Deductible Plans
  • Student Accident Coverage
  • Employee Benefit Plans - Fully, Partially Insured Plans
Protect Your Business

Each client has unique and pressing needs. We offer broad coverage that can ensure your success, whether your an individual mitigating risk or a business looking to grow. Our representatives can inform you of the tools you need to succeed.

  • Standard coverages and custom solutions  
  • Ongoing support and consulting services
  • A streamlined claims process

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